Clubs Competition (Juniors)

Get back to community sport. Get into Kickit Touch Football!
This October Kickit is launching an off-season clubs competition aimed to increase participation in sport following COVID-19.

The competition will be open to all sporting organisations, all genders, nationalities and all age groups.


We want you fit, active and healthy as we close out 2020.


Gone are the days where individual clubs slog it out and organise their own post-season activities, only for it fade out due to a lack of volunteers or systems.


Kickit Touch Football has the infrastructure in place and staff to adequately cater for a competition of this nature.


Clubs Competition. Kickit Touch Football. Clubs Competition. Kickit Touch Football.


We were luckily enough to run a similar juniors competition in affiliation with Aspley Rugby League Club in 2012.

To take that model and build on it is important given the circumstances.


This competition we want to include all ages of junior sport and seniors (opens).
Females and players with aboriginal or islander descent are strongly encouraged to play. 


Best of all, we give your club a platform to promote your brand. This may include venue signage, sponsored prizes or social media promotions.


The health and wellbeing of our participants and staff is our highest priority. Please see full list of COVID measures.


Lets get back to community sport. Register your club's interest below.

Clubs Competition. Kickit Touch Football.

Competition Details. Clubs Competition. Kickit Touch Football.

Venue - Carseldine Sporting Complex (532 Beams Road, Carseldine)


Date - Sunday morning, November 1st - 29th.


Age groups - Juniors (Yrs 6-12), Youths (yrs 13-15), Opens (16+)


Competition structure - Junior and Youth age groups will be mixed. Opens will have seperate Mens and mixed or Ladies competitions.


Schedule/draw - Five weeks.
Juniors (round robin wk 1-5).
Youths (13-15yrs) and Opens, (fixtures wk 1-4 finals wk 5).


Game duration - Juniors, 30 minutes (2x 15 minute halves). Youth and opens, 40 minutes (2x 20 minute halves)


Cost - $25 per player (includes registration and insurance).


Registration - During the registration process, team managers are required to submit a team list featuring the names of all players. This list can be updated throughout the season. It is recommended teams consist of 12 players, however more are welcome to play.


Game Play: Kick It Touch Football Rules. We'll use week one to work with all teams and educate players on the subtleties of the rules. Team managers will be given a full run down on all the above information prior to November 1st.


Promotion: Each week we will do a social media promotion that will feature one or more sports clubs. Clubs may nominate themselves to gain exposure across our social media platforms.


Clubs are more than welcome to display signage and wear team apparel when present at the venue and when they take the field. We will look allocate coaches or parents to help out the junior teams. Social distancing rules apply.

Community involvement. Clubs Competition. Kickit Touch Football.

The Clubs Competition will help drive community involvement in sport in the local surrounding area.


Clubs and local businesses will have the opportunity to network and build strong relationships for a sustainable future.


As part of our community drive, we will intrust a number of our brand sponsors and local community contacts to give an instant boost to the Clubs competition.


The role of these sponsors may include player or team prizes, providing a service or be involved in or contributing to a social media promotion.


Our continued involvement with local organisations will roll over into the clubs competition with our hugely successful sponsored individual try and try assist leaderboards for youths (13-15th) and opens.


Kickit Touch Football welcomes exisiting sporting organisation sponsors to get involved in the event to the benefit of clubs.


New sponsors should visit our sponsorship page
or contact Corey Smith - 0413 614 437 |

Why you will love Kickit Touch Football!

Kick It Touch is a blend of Rugby League and traditional touch footy. Although the skills and rules are close to those of league, this is a non-contact form of the game where the emphasis is on running, kicking, passing, agility and above all, having fun with your mates.


Forget the boring offseason, Kick It helps to develop essential skills and fitness for use both in rugby league and other sports. Playing Kick It games during or at the end of a competitive football season is a great way to maintain top fitness levels and improve skills.


Kick It Touch Football is a game that offers an opportunity for those of all shapes, sizes and skills to make new friends and share experiences with other football fanatics. Join our competition and enjoy the laughs and friendship that not only supporting but playing football can bring!


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