Terms and Conditions

Kick It Touch Football Terms and Conditions

The outlined terms and conditions below are inline with all Kick It Touch Football franchises, venues, competitions and Kick It Touch Football branded events across Australia. Please take the time to read the terms and conditions. By checking the box during the registration process you are bound to these terms and conditions.


COVID Safe Plan
By registering your team you agree to read and distribute Kick It Touch’s COVID safe plan to each player in your team. By registering your team you accept the measures and policies outlined in the plan to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all players, staff and associates at the competition, venue or event.


Team captain/organiser

1. The team captain or team organiser is responsible for all their players and associated spectators both on and off the field at each Kick It Touch Football venue or event.

2. It is the responsibility of the team captain/organiser to collect all money to be paid by the required date.

3. Once your team takes the field for their first game, the team is liable for the full amount required to play the season.

4. Failure to pay team fees by the required date may lead to the removal of your team from individual leaderboards, finals, the competition and/or a permanent ban. Kick It Touch Football reserves the right to use a debt collector agency to recover unpaid team fees. Debt collector fees will be added the cost of the team captain/organiser.

5. Kick It Touch Football reserves the right to charge teams a full season fee if they pull out before the end of the season. At the discretion of the competition coordinator, a discount or credit may be given to the team captain/organiser based on the amount of games played.

6. Team fees paid using a third party application (Stripe or Paypal) will have an added transaction fee. This transaction fee is non-refundable and is not redeemable.

7.  Team fees are due by week three of the competition. Two bonus competition points are awarded to all teams who pay by this point in the season.

8. The team captain must submit a team list (of player’s names) prior to taking the field at the start of the season. Captains are required to keep this team list up to date throughout the season by contacting your venue manager with any player changes. Team lists are for insurance purposes, finals eligibility and individual leaderboards.

9. To be eligible for finals, players must be registered on your team list and play a minimum of three games before finals (in week nine and ten).

10. For safety purposes, players below the age of 13 are not permitted on the field without the written consent of a parent or guardian and need final approval from the competition coordinator. Players who are aged under 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian (on or off the field).

By registering your team, you are bound to the monetary terms and conditions involved in organising a team. 


All registered Kick It Touch Football players are covered under insurance. It is the responsibility of all team captains to submit an accurate and up to date team list with players’ full names which can be supplied to the insurer at their discretion. Kick It Touch Football accepts no responsibility in ensuring all players are registered – this is the job of the team captain.

Players take the field at their own risk. Kick It Touch Football encourages all players to seek medical advice before taking the field to ensure that they are fit and able to play Touch Football.

All Kick It Touch Football referees and staff undergo training to uphold a duty of care when on the field in the event of injury.

All registered players and teams agree to be covered under Sports Personal Accident insurance policy (Arthur J. Gallagher). Personal accident terms and benefits can be found via www.kickit.com.au/insurance. Please get in contact your competition coordinator for a copy of the full policy or an insurance form.

Players have a maximum of 12 months to make a claim following the date of the injury. Please make sure read through the terms of the policy and report any incident to your venue manager as soon as possible.

Code of Conduct

All registered players and teams must adhere to the Kick It Touch Football code of conduct. A full copy of the code of conduct can be found on our rules page.

Kick It Touch Football trusts that all registered players will act in a social and acceptable manner. Any poor or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Poor behaviour could include by not limited to;
1. Swearing, abusive or derogatory language towards a player, referee or spectator.

2. Verbal abuse that belittles a player, referee or spectator’s race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or ethnicity.

3. Dissent towards or arguing with a referee on the basis of a call.

4. Abuse or threats towards a referee on a referee decision/s.

5. Repeated or deliberate breaking of the rules.

6. Repeated contact or heavy/rough contact when on the field towards another player/s.

7. No player can take the field under the influence of alcohol or drugs

8. No player can take the field in barefoot, sandals or thongs. No metal studs or screw in tags are permitted. Moulded boots are accepted.

9. No player can bring the game into disrepute. This may include time wasting, kicking the ball away, constant arguing with another player or referee, deliberate foul play or breaching the social fabric of the game. The referee will take appropriate action as highlighted in the rules document.

10. Violence is not tolerated at Kick It Touch Football. A player, referee or spectator involved in an act of violence will be suspended from Kick It. Kick It reserves the right to ban any player, referee and spectator who is involved in an act of violence and could result in the eviction of the players and teams from the competition. As required, the police may be involved if there is an act of violence.

Failure to adhere to Kick It’s code of conduct may result in individual bans or team removal from the competition. Team discounts and credits are void if a team is removed from the competition for failing to comply with the code of conduct.

Games and Competition

1. No games are ever lost due to wet weather. Please note Kick It Touch Football will do everything it can to catch up games within a reasonable timeframe. This may result in teams requiring to play multiple games on any competition night to catch up lost matches due to wet weather. The end of the season and start of the next season may be pushed back due to wet weather.

2. All Kick It Touch Football fields are hired from a primary user or organisation. In most cases the primary user will have control over the fields in the event of wet weather, damage to the field or if the venue becomes unusable. We will endeavour to take appropriate actions to ensue a competition is maintainable to completion.

3. Forfeits are never fun. If your opponent forfeits (providing there is adequate notice), the competition coordinator will aim to find an opponent for you to play at your scheduled game time. Should this be unattainable, we will look to provide you with a catch up game later in the season. Forfeits result in a 3-0 loss to the team who has forfeited. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given on season fees for matches that end in a forfeit.

4. Our sponsors are avid participants at Kick It Touch Football and often supply vouchers and products to our players. Kick It Touch Football takes no responsibility for the harm, illness or damage these products may cause. Physiotherapists may be used at competitions and events. These third party stakeholders operate independently and are not a part of Kick It Touch Football’s operations. We will aim to uphold a strong duty of care with our sponsors’ products and systems.

Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

As a registered player and participant of Kick It Touch Football and related events, Kick It will not be liable for any personal injury, loss or damage of personal property or illness that is sustained to that player at any Kick It Touch Football competition, event or activity.

Kick It Touch Football is committed to protecting your personal details. Your details will be collected as part of our COVID safe plan and for contact tracing purposes, the use on our website and individual leaderboards and communicate with team captains and players via phone or email as required.

Images and videos may be collected for private, social media use (Facebook and Youtube) and training purposes. As a registered player you consent to images and videos being used in an appropriate and acceptable manner privately and publicly. View the full Privacy Policy.

By reading this and registering your team including the players’ in your team, you accept the terms and conditions. 

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