Venue Manager | Start your own competition

Start up your own Kick It Touch Football venue at one of many locations across Australia.

Create a fantastic work-life balance while experiencing personal growth and gaining key management skills. Rely on a comprehensive training and extensive support networks to set your competition up for long-term success.

This is an amazing opportunity to become a key figure in the sporting industry and network among the local community!

Start up your own venue - Growth and Experience. Kickit Touch Football

You will develop personal growth and business experience through our extensive training and support systems. Competition owners are encouraged to grow, expand and continually improve their competition.

Start your own venue - Support and Training. Kickit Touch Football

We set you up for long-term success through our superior training and internal systems. Lean on our key support network as you build relationships with various stakeholders and other owners.

Start your own venue - Community Involvement. Kickit Touch Football

Engage with the local community to improve your competition through a range of specialty events and activities. Obtain new stakeholders and contacts to boost your competition in the surrounding area.

Venue Enquiry

Once completed we will be able to contact you with more information and available venues.