The Closest Touch Footy To Rugby League!

Kickit Touch. Brisbane, Touch, Touch Football. Touch Footy. Kickit.
Get into Kickit Touch Footy with exciting new competitions across Brisbane, Toowoomba and Redcliffe!
Registrations are now open! Two team discounts are available. 

Spring (Wed) - October 2nd | Register now and enter the competition early!
Toowoomba  (Mon) - In season.
(Mon) - September 23rd.

2019 Rep Tournament - Sunday, Sept 29th.
Taringa Mixed Summer (Tues) - mid October.
Taringa Mixed & Mens
(Thurs) - Expression of Interest, mid October 2019.
- January 2020.
New venues coming soon!


For a full breakdown of competition details, click on your venue page below.