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The Great Roadmap: Returning to competition in July

Roadmap Kickit Touch Football

The impact COVID-19 has been felt right across the nation and none more so than the sporting industry.

With many sporting groups shutting their doors from the start of March, the sector has laid dormant for more than two months, KickIt Touch Football included.

A monumental 8.4 million adults and 3 million kids who play or enjoy the associated benefits of health and well being have been impacted.

Friday, May 8th the Queensland Government detailed a roadmap to easing restrictions across the state with sport and community groups included.

Under the proposed roadmap, some community sport would resume from June 12th with contact sports from July 10th, provided active cases and community spread remains low-to-nil.

This could see Kickit resume its competitions following the implementation of stage three easing of restrictions.

In other words, we could kick-off at Taringa and Stafford as early as July 15th and 16th respectively.

Studies suggest that the risks involved in outdoor sport are incredibly low compared to other means of life.

With the safety of all Kickit players and staff in mind, there will be a host of education or practical measures to ensure that the risks involved with (contact) sport remain as low as possible.

Roadmap to a new standard

Our number one priority is ensuring the health and well being of our players and staff.

The landscape of Kickit is set to change with a host of new procedures to ensure proper hygiene and social distancing.

Under guidance from the Australian Institute of Sport, a number of measures outlined below will become the new standard at all Kickit Touch Football venues and events.
Measures & Strategy

The players:

– Contact tracing of all players at Kickit (sign on arriving at venue, sign out leaving venue).

– Players are encouraged to be prepared before they arrive at the venue to limit use of change rooms (when applicable).

– Players must maintain social distancing (1.5m) when not playing.

– A hand sanitise station will be readily available under the Kickit marquee at all venues.

– Players must wash hands before and after games at the hand sanitiser station or in the toilet/change room facilities.

– Teams will be spaced out before, during and after games in allotted zones (see below) to maintain an acceptable level of social distancing.

– Handshakes and high fives should be avoided.
Three cheers (via team captain), clapping, waving, namaste, smiling, a thumbs up or shaka are all legitimate alternatives.

– Players and teams are to limit to unnecessary social gatherings when not playing.

– Players and teams are strongly encouraged to leave the venue following their game.

– Players or staff who present flu-like symptoms will not be permitted at the grounds.

– Parents or other spectators may attend games however will be limited to one per person/per family and must maintain social distancing from all players at the venue.

– No sharing of drink bottles or towels.

– Players are strongly encouraged to bring their own football to warm up. We will have new Kickit branded footballs available for purchase when the Kickit Shop launches next week.

The Staff: 
– Balls and other heavily used equipment will be washed at the end of each night.

– Venue specific isolation areas will be designated should a player or staff member become unwell while at the venue.

– Educational signage will be clearly visible at all venues where necessary.

– All of the above measures will be enforced and controlled by all staff members.

Current competitions & social distancing

Exisiting competitions will resume as per normal with start dates to be confirmed by mid-June.

As per the venue diagrams below, we will be spacing out teams to ensure social distancing is maintained when not playing.

> Taringa (Tuesday, July 14th) will resume from week four of the competition with all results, standings and individual statistics continuing.

We understand some players and teams may not be able to continue due to COVID-19, as a result will be outlining a host of incentives to help get teams and individuals back to sport. (see below)

Team registrations will remain open for the first two weeks when we resume at Taringa. New teams may be required to play a couple of catch up games. Discounts may be available. Express your interest here.

Taringa Venue Roadmap. Kickit Touch Football

Roadmap: Social distancing model at Jack Cook Memorial Park.

Taringa teams will required to remain in the warm up zones until the start of their match. Playing teams will set up on the outside sidelines of their field with the middle cricket pitch area cordoned off and reserved for referees only.


> Stafford (Wednesday, July 15th) will resume and lead straight into semi finals with all results and standings continuing for the finals two weeks of the season.

The top four mens and top eight mixed teams will play the finals matches.

Stafford will start a new season immediately (without a break) following grand final week (and play 12 weeks straight).

Team registrations are open. New or incoming teams have the option to play all 12 weeks when we return.

Team fees for new teams will be amended as required. Express your interest here.

Stafford Venue Roadmap. Kickit Touch Football

Roadmap: Social distancing model at Gibson Park.

Stafford teams will be required to stay in the warm up zones until the start of their match. Playing teams will set up on the outside sidelines of their field.


> Carseldine (Monday, July 27th) competition will re-start from week one after completing one round of fixtures prior to COVID-19. Standings and individual statistics will be voided.

Players and teams who participated in round one prior to the season being postponed, will not be charged.

Team registrations are open for Carseldine. Exisiting team captains will be notified of a start date the venue layout shortly. Express your interest here.


> Taringa (Sunday, August 9th) is scheduled for a start in late August. Team registrations are open to everyone willing to give Touch Football a go. Multi-team discounts are available. Express your interest here.


> The 2020 Representative Cup and 2020 LIVIN Charity Shield are scheduled for later in the year and will follow similar measures to ensure health and safety of all players involved.

> Toowoomba (Monday, late July).

All team captains all be contacted with a full list of measures and competition updates soon.

Roadmap: Get back to social sport!

Calling out to all past Kickit teams!

Numerous Rugby League competitions may of been cancelled, but that isn’t the end for 2020.

Play the closest social Touch Football to Rugby League and fall in love with Kickit.

Show your support and register a team – get back to touch football, get back to community sport!

We understand that everyone is doing it tough and will continue to slug it out long after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

This is why we will be putting a freeze on season fees over the winter and spring months.

Is cash an issue?
Don’t give up playing, just give up some of your time.

Be the ref | Roadmap to kick-off | Kickit Touch Football

Roadmap: Become a referee today!

We’ll be rolling out a referee incentive scheme aimed to help players work off their player fees over the course of the season.

Players may opt to just run the sideline or become an on-field referee with even more benefits.

Best of all, each and every referee gets paid for the games they ref.

Just keen for some fitness? We welcome any new referee or current player who would like to challenge themselves with the whistle in hand. Visit our referee sign-on.

We’re all in this together

You’ve heard the words ‘we’re all in this together’ echoed across screens for the last two months and perhaps it is most true right now.

As restrictions start to ease and the lives of many start to move forward, now more than ever we need maintain diligence and common sense when it comes to the health and safety of others.

The Queensland Government’s roadmap provides sensible and gradual steps to a COVID recovery that will reconnect our community but only if we do the right thing.

To fail here, we will regress on the easing of restrictions and stage 3 will be postponed.

While many things may happen between now and July 10th, we’re excited for what the future holds.

We hope you join us on the field when we return.

Stay up to date with all the information from our roadmap via our website.
Get your Kickit Touch Football fix with hundreds of videos on our social media channels! Facebook. Kickit Touch Football. Roadmap Instagram. Kickit Touch Football. RoadmapYoutube. Kickit Touch Football. Roadmap

Taringa Summer final sees Next-Gen Untouchables, Ball Fondlers triumph

Next-Gen Untouchables, Ball Fondlers Taringa Summer Season
Next-Gen Untouchables have survived a frantic 9-minute extra time period to defeat Kickaholics Anonymous in the division one final at Taringa on Tuesday.

Aided by the return of Gerard Martin and Matt McIver, the duo combined to score the winning points and secure their side’s second consecutive title.

After dropping back to three players, it took a fortuitous cross kick by Martin to find space on the far sideline for McIver to tip-toe the dead ball line to touch down.

The final marked the third time these two teams have met and the sixth time since May last year with one point separating them on each occasion.

The quality of footy was tipped to be high and it showed early on with some end-to-end rucking to gain vital field position.

While the opportunities were scarce, the work-rate of the middles was crucial.

Player of the match Kirk Barber was relentless in defence as he showcased his non-stop attitude, while Untouchables’ Antony Martin echoed the same mentality.

Kickaholics were the first to slip up with an error in the the sixth minute of the match.

The flood gates opened with three errors in the space of one minute, despite Untouchables having the best field position of the game.

The game started to open up in the middle with Kickaholics driving the ball almost 60 metres on their rebound set.

While the challengers had a chance to jam the Untouchables’ attackers, it took just three straight rucks before a power play from 40m out.

Matt McIver started the movement, spotting numbers on the right edge to give to Gerard Martin, who kicked for himself to score from beyond 20.

Two possessions later and with a weight of possession, the team in green crossed for their second through a dump split from Luke Dudgell to captain Tammy Haydock.

Kickaholics fought back on their next possession with Eliza Mooney looked most dangerous with the ball, attacking the line with options either side.

Cam Hayes finished off the set by pouncing on a Trent Gossner grubber to get their side on the board.

With the game well and truely opening up, Lincoln Redgen capitalised on a grubber of his own two sets later to extend Untouchables lead to 4-1.

Back to back repeat sets gifted Kickaholics with ample opportunity on their opponents goal line with Isaac Toohey kicking for himself to score.

Hayes capitalised on the stroke of half time scooping up an Untouchables knock on to close the gap to 4-3.

Anticipation enveloped as both teams took the field for the second half, both eager to start on the right foot.

As the first half started, so did the second half with a strong work-rate of the middles and some conservative end-of-set plays.

A mass of possession on the goal line tested Untouchables’ defence on multiple occasions, only to hold strong.

With Gerard Martin at fullback, the short kicking game of Kickaholics was quashed, nullifying a number of players’ strengths.
Kickaholics Anonymous, Taringa Tuesday Summer Season.
Next-Gen struggled to find field possession as their opponent in blue started to turn the screws.

Their best territory came in the final five minute of the half with repeat sets gifting them time inside their opponent’s half.

A loose pass from Untouchables saw speedster Trent Gossner boot the ball down field to receive a room-service bounce and tie the match at 4-4.

As the final seconds ticked down, both teams were out on their feet.

Well done to both teams on a fantastic Taringa Summer division 1 grand final

Next-Gen Untouchables (5)
Tries: Gerard Martin, Tammy Haydock, Lincoln Redgen, Matt McIver
Assists: Luke Dudgell, Gerard Martin

Kickaholics Anonymous (4)
Tries: Cam Hayes (2), Trent Gossner, Isaac Toohey
Assists: Trent Gossner.

Player of the match: Kirk Barber
Best and Fairest: Matt McIver

Ball Fondlers, Taringa Tuesday Summer Season.

Ball Fondlers have won their second division two grand final in four seasons with a hard-fought 4-2 victory over Best Friends.

The experienced Kick It side was hungry from the outset scoring two tries in the opening five minutes.

A dump split from Drew MacDonald to Ross Newton got Fondlers on the board early before a grubber from captain Lachlan Cuffe helped their side skip out to an early 2-0 lead.

Despite missing the mark on their first four possessions, Best Friends hit back through Riley Wagner.

The sheer weight of possession was telling as Ball Fondlers routinely set up camp on Best Friends’ goal line.

The newcomers finally cracked, and it took a perfect wrap play from Cuffe to Jack Blyth to push the lead out to 3-1.

As the players walked out to start the second half, Best Friends knew they were close enough, if good enough.

Key possessions from Lachlan Brennan and Josh Small aided in Best Friends wrestling back momentum as they looked to attack up the middle.

However, errors in crucial situations were their achilles heel.

Ball Fondlers were able to take their opportunity with Nick Buckley combining with Robbie Mazlin to extend their lead to 4-1.

With the pressure off, a late try to Harry Clem provided a spark but it was all in vain.

Well done to both teams on a great Taringa Summer Division 2 final.
Best Friends, Taringa Tuesday Summer Season.

Ball Fondlers (4)
Tries: Ross Newton, Lachlan Cuffe, Jack Blyth, Robbie Mazlin.
Assists: Drew MacDonald, Lachlan Cuffe, Nick Buckley.

Best Friends (2)
Tries: Riley Wagner, Harry Clem.

Player of the Match: Lachlan Cuffe.
Best and fairest: Riley Wagner.

Well done to our individual stat winners, plenty of whom played in their respective finals.

Taringa Summer LIVIN try legends.


Awesome work by our LIVIN Try legends, Matt McIver and Eliza Mooney. A special mention goes to our division 2 legend (not pictured) Lindsay Blair.

Mixed Guys top 3 – Lincoln Redgen (12) Jake Harding (11)
Mixed Girls top 3 – Tammy Haydock (6), Brooke Ploughmann (6)
Division 2 top 3 – Flynn Chiem (13), Daniel Badewitz (12)



Taringa Summer Range Assist champions.
Great effort by our Range Brewing Assist Champions, Matt McIver, Riley Wagner and Ross Newton.

Division 1 top 3 – Antony Tatkovic (7), Isaac Toohey, Gerard Martin, Tom Primmer, Corey Smith (6).
Division 2 Top 3 – Drew MacDonald, Toby Burke, Derek Tham, Mitchell Burns (4).



GYG 20/10 Champs, Taringa Summer


Well done to our GYG Indooroopilly and Toowong 20/10 champs John Kerr and Corey Smith. A special mention to Slap Happy’s Aaron Frasier who kicked two 20/10s during finals.





Taringa Summer season team photos.
Autumn season kicks-off at Taringa on Tuesday February 25th. Register your team now!

Taringa Spring: Kick It Or Die Tryin, Next-Gen Untouchables Triumph!

Kick It Or Die Tryin'
Kick It Or Die Tryin’ have taken out the Taringa Spring Division Two mixed competition with a heart-stopping 4-3 victory over New Kicks On The Block.

In their maiden season, the newcomers were aided by some brilliant performances from captain Anthony Barsha and William Read.

It didn’t take long for Kick It Or Die Tryin’ to post their first points and overcome an experienced New Kicks side boasting a handful of representative players.

Two outstanding sets in attack were capped off by an Anthony Barsha line break and grubber to account for his side’s first points within the opening three minutes.

Will Read stamped home an emphatic start to the match by pouncing on a short kick from Tom Rochee to give his team a 2-0 lead.

New Kicks forced their way back into the game after a multitude of repeat sets.

Tigers Rep players Liam Sue and Ben Stevens crossed in quick succession to keep the scores locked up at halftime.

An enthusiastic Kick It or Die Tryin’ side marched onto the field and were rewarded immediately through their captain who crossed for his second.

Barsha’s squad struggled to hold onto the momentum with New Kicks dominating possession from then on in.

New Kicks On The Block vs Kick It Or Die Tryin

The team in black forced six repeat sets on their opposition goal line only to come up empty.

Near misses by John Kerr, Joel Pham and Liam Sue kept their side scoreless in the second half.

Kick It Or Die Trying sealed the win with a late try to Sam Fellows.

Well done on the division 2 victory in your first season!

KickIt Or Die Tryin’: Anthony Barsha (2), William Read, Sam Fellows.
New Kicks On The Block: Liam Sue (2), Ben Stevens.
Player of the Match: Anthony Barsha.

Next-Gen Untouchables have recaptured the division 1 mixed title after defeating Kickaholics Anonymous 4-3 in a tight final.

With the division 1 crown not in their possession for the first time since the end of 2016, the machine in green had it all to prove against the reigning champions.

The match did not disappoint.

Kickaholics skipped away to an early lead off the boot of Isaac Toohey. He would repeat his effort following a mountain of possession, minutes later to push his side out to a 2-0 lead.

Player of the match Gerard Martin responded, jumping on a short kick to give Untouchables their first points with their first set inside their opponents 10.

His absence together with Matt McIver in last season’s grand final was sorely missed and was the difference early on.

McIver’s boot would help tie the scores with Anthony Martin picking up the scraps on a short grubber into the in-goal.

The game opened up in the dying stages of the first half with either team failing to capitalise. It was a stark contrast to the opening 15 minutes which was played through the middle third and built on defence.

The comparisons from the first half were on show at the start of the second as both teams produced a heavy dose of rucking.

As the middle third of the field copped a battering, territory was not an issue.

It took six sets until Gerard Martin broke the deadlock with a grubber inside the 10 to catch Kickaholics’ defence napping.

As was the theme for the second half, Kickaholics capitalised on a Next-Gen defensive mistake.

On one of the lone times Untouchables failed to play a fullback, Isaac Toohey made them pay with a short grubber to Trent Gossner to bring the scores level.

A series of frantic end-to-end sets ensued as the game clock ticked to within three minutes.

With fatigue on the faces of the players, it was Gerard Martin who came up with the goods to send Lincoln Redgen over with an inside ball to beat a staggered defensive line.

A late opportunity to Kickaholics captain David Sercombe was thwarted by the Untouchables’ main man as Next-Gen returned to the top of the mountain when the clock struck zero.

Well done Next-Gen Untouchables on a fantastic 4-3 division one win.

Next-Gen: Gerard Martin (2), Anthony Martin, Lincoln Redgen.
Kickaholics: Isaac Toohey (2), Trent Gossner.
Player of the Match: Gerard Martin.
Kickaholics Anonymous vs Untouchables. Kick It Division 1

Individual leaderboards

LIVIN top try scorers
Mixed Guys – Lindsay Blair (14), Jacob Sorbello (14)
Mixed Girls – Eliza Mooney (8)

Range Brewing try assist champions
Division 1 – Dave Johnson (10)
Division 2 – John Kerr (14)

GYG Indooroopilly/Toowong 40/20s
Hemi Mullen (Kick It Or Die Tryin’)
John Kerr (New Kicks On The Block)
Corey Smith (Slap Happy)

A special thanks to all our venue sponsors, players and teams. 
Tuesday summer season kicks-off November 12th. (full)

Thursday Summer season kicks-off November 14th. Team spots available – multi-team discounts available. Register now!

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Eight Straight For Next-Gen Champs

Next-Gen Untouchables have made it eight Taringa mixed titles in a row after an emphatic 8-4 win against Dugongs on Tuesday night.

Despite trailing early, the reigning champions would pile on six unanswered points to take a 6-1 lead at the break.

Dugongs drew first blood with a lovely worked numbers play by Floyd Hill to send Tim Mitchell over untouched between the middle and link defenders.

The quick lead lasted a matter of minutes after a perfect cross kick by Anthony Martin put Caitlin Spanner over in the corner.

Some up-and-in defence put the Dugongs attack under all sorts of pressure and Anthony Martin capitalised with a 40 metre intercept try to push the lead out to 3-1 by the eighth minute.

Range Brewing try assist champion Gerard Martin would score a try off a short kick from his brother, while Anthony crossed for his second off a Matt McIver grubber.

The onslaught continued into the final minute of the first half with Gerard Martin putting in a pin-point cross kick to Matt McIver to score in the corner and extend the lead to 6-1 at the break.

A momentum switch to start the second half as Dugongs captain Dave Shaw latched onto an errant pass and ran 30 metres to score.

Poised to open up once again, the match switched gears with a heavy dose of rucking in the middle third of the field.

It took a further eight minutes before Matt McIver would grubber his way to the try line for his side’s first points of the half.

Dugongs import Dan Ebert hit back on Dugongs’ next possession with a grubber of his own to make it 7-3.

The pair scored once more in identical fashion with Matt grounding the ball centimetres inside the dead ball line, while Dan Ebert jumped on a Tim Mitchell kick on the final siren.

Eight Straight For Next-Gen Champs. 2019 Taringa Autumn runners up Dugongs.

Well done to Next-Gen Untouchables on claiming their eighth Taringa mixed crown on the trot.
Next-Gen def Dugongs 8-4.

Next-Gen Untouchables: Matt McIver (3), Anthony Martin (2), Caitlin Spanner, Gerard Martin.
Dugongs: Dan Ebert (2), Tim Mitchell, Dave Shaw.
Player of the Match: Anthony Martin (2 tries, 2 try assists).



Ball Fondlers have won their first Taringa mixed two title since their inception in 2018.

A hard fought match between red rivals Rampage set up an enthralling finish after trailing for most of the match. Player of the match Robbie Mazlin was the hero with two late tries to seal the victory.

Rampage were first on the board when Ben Schofield scooted around the outside defence to score in the corner inside two minutes.

Ball Fondlers’ captain Lachlan Cuffe levelled the scores moments later with a show-and-go followed by a short grubber to catch the Rampage defenders napping.

Eight Straight For Next-Gen Champs. 2019 Taringa Mixed Two Champions Ball Fondlers.

Some quality end-to-end footy ensued until South Brisbane Rep star Antony Tatkovic broke the deadlock by skipping down the sideline to score.

Holding a 2-1 lead at half time, Rampage held all the momentum.

Some quick thinking by Ball Fondlers’ middle man Lindsay Blair, picked up a loose ball to run 30 metres to tie up the scores.

Long serving Taringa player Drew MacDonald extended Ball Fondlers’ lead two possessions later after pouncing on a grubber that pulled up in the in-goal.

The comeback was well and truely on next set with Ross Newton grabbing a Lindsay Blair cross kick to blow the score out to 4-2 within the first five minutes of the second half.

Ben Schofield stopped the flurry of points with a nifty grubber to bring Rampage back within one point.

While playing in the middle for most of the match, Robbie Mazlin found himself on an edge for the final five minutes of the match. He made it count scoring in the left corner before a ruck and split with Drew MacDonald sent him over in the right corner to ice the game.
Eight Straight For Next-Gen Champs. 2019 Taringa Autumn Runners Up Rampage.
Well done to Ball Fondlers on the first mixed two championship.
Ball Fondlers def Rampage 6-3.

Ball Fondlers: Robbie Mazlin (2), Lachlan Cuffe, Lindsay Blair, Ross Newton, Drew MacDonald.
Rampage: Ben Schofield (2), Antony Tatkovic.
Player of the Match: Robbie Mazlin (two tries).



Well done to Joel and Eliza on become our new LIVIN top try scorers during Autumn season at Taringa.

Eight Straight For Next-Gen Champs. 2019 Taringa Autumn LIVIN TOP TRY SCORERS
Mixed Guys/Girls champions.

Joel Pham | Free Ballin (14).
Eliza Mooney | Kickaholics Anonymous (6).





Congratulations to our Range Brewing try assist leaders Gerard and Todd who both finished with eight assists throughout Autumn season!
Eight Straight For Next-Gen Champs. 2019 Taringa Range Brewing Try Assist Leaders


Mixed try assist champions
Gerard Martin | Next-Gen Untouchables (8)
Todd Snowden | Burners (8)

For a full list of tries and try assists, visit the Taringa venue page.




A special thanks to our major sponsors Arrivederci Pizza and Newstead Remedial Massage for their generous grand final team contributions!

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Seventh Heaven For Next-Gen Untouchables

Next-Gen Untouchables have claimed their seventh-straight Taringa mixed title with a gutsy 3-1 win over long-time rival Burners on Tuesday night.

The match marked the fifth consecutive time these two teams have met in the Taringa grand final.

On the biggest stage, the game was set to be one of the most competitive finals in recent seasons with both teams striking form at the right end of the season.

Range Brewing Try Assist Leader Craig Woods crossed the try line in the opening minutes after a precision dump and split inside 10 meters with Joe Flannery.

Some end-to-end footy followed with both teams testing their opponent with a heavy dose of rucking and last-touch kicking.

The scoreline would remain unchanged heading into the break despite a string of close-try situations from Joe Flannery, Ryan Mason-Cox, Gerard Martin, Matt McIver and Sarah Martin.

Next-Gen Untouchables v Burners. Kickaholics v Rampage.

A game of attrition ensued in the second half with Untouchables’ playing the duration with no subs.

An importance on field possession, Burners continuously drove the ball into their opponents’ 10m however came up empty on the scoreboard. Momentum clearly with the challengers.

Fatigue and frustration crippled the reigning champs with multiple sets failing to reach halfway.

It took until the 36th minute and a crucial error by Burners in their own half to halt the momentum. Untouchables would capitalise by forcing a line drop out and receiving a consecutive set for just the second time in the half.

Some quick footwork and goal line rucking by the core of the Untouchables attack sucked in the Burners defence before a swift two-pass to Caitlyn Spanner who dived in untouched on the wing to give her side the first lead of the game.

The result was put beyond doubt with a late try to Anthony Martin who scooted up the sideline before kicking for himself to score. Next-Gen Untouchables win 3-1

Next-Gen Untouchables: Caitlyn Spanner, Anthony Martin.
Burners: Craig Woods.
Player of the Match: Craig Woods.
Best and Fairest: Caitlyn Spanner.

Next-Gen Untouchables v Burners. Kickaholics Anonymous v Rampage.

Kickaholics Anonymous have won their first ‘mixed two’ title with an emphatic 9-4 win over a gallant Rampage side.

Man of the match Justin Noonan ran wild setting up four tries and scoring one of his own in his farewell match. Captain David Sercombe crossed for his first ever hat-trick dating back to 2008.

Rampage crossed in the opening minutes with some fancy footwork from representative player Funsho Olaleye.

Kickaholics hit back moments later with a pin-point cut-out ball from Justin Noonan to send Don Grahame over in the corner.

Rampage pushed ahead through Romney Setch after she pounded on a kick in the in-goal that ricocheted off three defenders.

The two-point lead was cut to one on the stroke of halftime after Noonan sent David Sercombe over with a crisp short-ball on the goal line.

Noonan would notch up his third try assist early in the second half and combine with Sercombe once again to force the scores level.

Rampage would take the lead again through Antony Tatkovic who used his speed to run 30 metres across field to slice through the defence to make it a 4-3 lead.

The leveller was swift with Kickaholics driving the ball down the field to force a repeat set before a nifty short kick from David Sercombe to give himself three tries for the match.

With the momentum firmly with Kickaholics, Eliza Mooney crossed for the next two tries after a lovely flick pass from Isaac Toohey, followed by a precision short pass from Justin Noonan on the next possession.

The man of the match crossed for a late try in the dying minutes to cap a remarkable performance.

Next-Gen Untouchables v Burners. Kickaholics v Rampage

Kickaholics Anonymous: David Sercombe (3), Eliza Mooney (2), Don Grahame, Justin Noonan.
Rampage: Funcho Olaleye, Romney Setch, Antony Tatkovic.
Player of the match: Justin Noonan.
Best and Fairest: Maddie Butterfield.

Autumn season kicks-off Tuesday, February 26th. Register your team! To re-register, visit the Taringa venue page.
Summer season team photos.

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