State of Origin teams announced

Congratulations to the 2018 Kick It Touch Football State of Origin representatives.

Players were selected across our three major venues to represent their state on Wednesday, June 27th at Carseldine.

Queensland Maroons
1. Ben Burstow (Spartans)
2. Bec Rophia (Next-Gen Untouchables)
3. Brayden Barrett (The Ballerz)
4. Michael Bacon (Troopers) 
5. Camilla Williams (Burners)
6. Jessica Sleep (vc) (The Ballerz)
7. Jayden Turnbull (Joeys)
8. Tim Mitchell (Dugongs)
9. Jamie Thorburn (LTR)
10. Anthony Martin (Next-Gen Untouchables)
11. Matt McIver (c) (Next-Gen Untouchables)
Team managers: Ben Hayes, Clint Wicks.
A special mention to Maroons’ captains Matt and Jessica.

New South Wales Blues
1. Chloe Storm (Nek Set)
2. Isaac Mobbs (Multiple Scoregasms)
3. Alec McMaster (Bermuda Bri-Angles)
4. Joe Flannery (c) (Burners)
5. Ben Stevens (New Kicks On The Block)
6. Archie Walter (Bermuda Bri-Angles)
7. Beau Hess (Transformers)
8. Monica Wilkie (vc) (Rampage)
9. Toby Burke (Cattledogs)
10. Emma Toms (Burners)
0.  Corey Pocock (Hawaii Try-O)
Team managers: Adam Redmond, David Sercombe.
A special mention to Blues’ captains Joe and Monica.

Thanks to our event sponsors Intercept Supply Co., Power Station Co and Arrivederci Pizzeria.
For more details, visit our State of Origin page.

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