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Superb Starting Season As Carseldine Grows

Carseldine Winter 2020
The fields at Carseldine lit up with Kick It Touch Footy for the first time since late 2018 and the start of the Queensland Government’s Urban Village project.

Our Monday night competition showcased some outstanding talent while epitomising the fun and social atmosphere at our venues

In the mixed competition, The Boodz took out a hotly competitive final defeating Troopers 7-6.

Despite notching up the first points to Denzel English, it was Troopers who raced to an early 3-1 lead.

Migally Shaw crossed off a crisp cut-out ball from Ryan Harris, while Chloe Storm extended her side’s lead just minutes later.

With the momentum firmly with Troopers, it took multiple repeat sets and a slicing run from Kieran English to stop the rot.

Mya Brown crossed for a two pointer on the stroke of halftime to see The Boodz take a 4-3 lead at the break.

As both teams returned to the field, there was a sense the match would go down to the wire.

We weren’t short changed in attack as the defensive lines of both sides began to crack.

Jason West got his side on the board first to level the scores at 4-4.

The Boodz hit back in a strong four-minute burst that featured tries to Rhikki Nanu and a second to Kieran English.

The reply was swift as Rep star Corey Pocock latching onto a long-range grubber to score.

Boodz captain and North Brisbane Sharks Representative Shaun Rees jumped over for his first in the dying stages.

Troopers general Clint Wicks notched up a late consolation try to bridge the gap, but it wasn’t enough.

Troopers Carseldine Winter 2020.

Well done to The Boodz winning 7-6 in the Carseldine mixed grand final.

The Boodz: Kieran English (2), Denzil English, Mya Brown, Rhikki Nanu, Shaun Rees
Troopers: Migally Shaw, Chloe Storm, Jason West, Corey Pocock, Clint Wicks
Player of the Match: Kieran English

A battle of the two heavy weights, top of the table SFX took on Deep Water Bender Boys in a competitive mens final on Monday.

The Carseldine foes re-ignited their rivalry with SFX claiming victory in the two previous fixtures between the two teams.

Player of the Match Michael Molo got his side’s first points as he glided through some broken defence.

A staple of both offences was on show as both teams traded a series of ruck and splits when attacking their opponent’s goal line.

Deep Water Bender Boys found some space as Issac Luke dived over untouched to make it 2-0.

SFX were their own worst enemy with a host of missed attacking chances and unforced errors.

Despite playing with just seven players and no subs, the Bender Boys soaked up the momentum and field possession. It eventually came to an end.

SFX Youngster James got his side on the board as he chased a sharp kick.

The hit back was swift with Deep Water captain Clinton Kerei notching up his side’s third try leading into half time.

The second half started the same as the first with Michael Molo crossing for his second try to extend the lead to 4-1.

Some exciting end to end footy saw both teams with try scoring chances as time ticked away.

A much improved and simplified attack from SFX proved fruitful with Michael diving over for his first try of the match.

Deep Water Bender Boys responded in kind with a try of their own to ice the popular win.

Carseldine Winter 2020. SFX
Well done to Deep Water Bender Boys on taking out the Carseldine mens competition 5-2 over SFX.

Deep Water Bender Boys: Michael Molo (2), Issac Luke, Clinton Kerei, T
SFX: James, Michael.
Play of the Match: Michael Molo

A special thanks to our Carseldine sponsors and partners. A big thank you to the players and teams who took part.

We kick-off Spring season on October 12th. This will be the final season before Christmas.

Carseldine Team registrations are now open. Mens and mixed team spots available. Individual registrations are available.
Follow us on Facebook for Carseldine updates.

Carseldine re-boots following first wave of COVID-19

The hugely popular Carseldine competition returns from Monday, July 27th.

As part of the Queensland Government’s Urban Village development, the new fields boast multi-million dollar facilities, including LED lights, toilets, change rooms, outdoor seating areas and the fields.

The venue has been a home of Kick It Touch Football since the end of 2016.

Successful competitions on both Monday and Wednesday evenings helped boost the involvement of sport in the local community.

The venue on Beams Road also played host to the 2016/2017 Cash Tournaments and 2018 State of Origin match.

As our Carseldine competition consolidated and moved to Stafford on a Wednesday night as the 12-month re-development project through 2019.

We now have the luxury to call the venue home once again.

So join us this July/August as we re-boot our Carseldine competition on Monday nights.

Play the closest social touch footy to Rugby League and enjoy the fun, social atmosphere of our sport.

Team registrations are open until Friday, August 14th. Individuals are also welcome to sign up and join an exisiting team.

For full competition details and our COVID safe plan, please visit our Carseldine venue page.

Take a look at the Community event in February to open the brand new fields.

The Great Roadmap: Returning to competition in July

Roadmap Kickit Touch Football

The impact COVID-19 has been felt right across the nation and none more so than the sporting industry.

With many sporting groups shutting their doors from the start of March, the sector has laid dormant for more than two months, KickIt Touch Football included.

A monumental 8.4 million adults and 3 million kids who play or enjoy the associated benefits of health and well being have been impacted.

Friday, May 8th the Queensland Government detailed a roadmap to easing restrictions across the state with sport and community groups included.

Under the proposed roadmap, some community sport would resume from June 12th with contact sports from July 10th, provided active cases and community spread remains low-to-nil.

This could see Kickit resume its competitions following the implementation of stage three easing of restrictions.

In other words, we could kick-off at Taringa and Stafford as early as July 15th and 16th respectively.

Studies suggest that the risks involved in outdoor sport are incredibly low compared to other means of life.

With the safety of all Kickit players and staff in mind, there will be a host of education or practical measures to ensure that the risks involved with (contact) sport remain as low as possible.

Roadmap to a new standard

Our number one priority is ensuring the health and well being of our players and staff.

The landscape of Kickit is set to change with a host of new procedures to ensure proper hygiene and social distancing.

Under guidance from the Australian Institute of Sport, a number of measures outlined below will become the new standard at all Kickit Touch Football venues and events.
Measures & Strategy

The players:

– Contact tracing of all players at Kickit (sign on arriving at venue, sign out leaving venue).

– Players are encouraged to be prepared before they arrive at the venue to limit use of change rooms (when applicable).

– Players must maintain social distancing (1.5m) when not playing.

– A hand sanitise station will be readily available under the Kickit marquee at all venues.

– Players must wash hands before and after games at the hand sanitiser station or in the toilet/change room facilities.

– Teams will be spaced out before, during and after games in allotted zones (see below) to maintain an acceptable level of social distancing.

– Handshakes and high fives should be avoided.
Three cheers (via team captain), clapping, waving, namaste, smiling, a thumbs up or shaka are all legitimate alternatives.

– Players and teams are to limit to unnecessary social gatherings when not playing.

– Players and teams are strongly encouraged to leave the venue following their game.

– Players or staff who present flu-like symptoms will not be permitted at the grounds.

– Parents or other spectators may attend games however will be limited to one per person/per family and must maintain social distancing from all players at the venue.

– No sharing of drink bottles or towels.

– Players are strongly encouraged to bring their own football to warm up. We will have new Kickit branded footballs available for purchase when the Kickit Shop launches next week.

The Staff: 
– Balls and other heavily used equipment will be washed at the end of each night.

– Venue specific isolation areas will be designated should a player or staff member become unwell while at the venue.

– Educational signage will be clearly visible at all venues where necessary.

– All of the above measures will be enforced and controlled by all staff members.

Current competitions & social distancing

Exisiting competitions will resume as per normal with start dates to be confirmed by mid-June.

As per the venue diagrams below, we will be spacing out teams to ensure social distancing is maintained when not playing.

> Taringa (Tuesday, July 14th) will resume from week four of the competition with all results, standings and individual statistics continuing.

We understand some players and teams may not be able to continue due to COVID-19, as a result will be outlining a host of incentives to help get teams and individuals back to sport. (see below)

Team registrations will remain open for the first two weeks when we resume at Taringa. New teams may be required to play a couple of catch up games. Discounts may be available. Express your interest here.

Taringa Venue Roadmap. Kickit Touch Football

Roadmap: Social distancing model at Jack Cook Memorial Park.

Taringa teams will required to remain in the warm up zones until the start of their match. Playing teams will set up on the outside sidelines of their field with the middle cricket pitch area cordoned off and reserved for referees only.


> Stafford (Wednesday, July 15th) will resume and lead straight into semi finals with all results and standings continuing for the finals two weeks of the season.

The top four mens and top eight mixed teams will play the finals matches.

Stafford will start a new season immediately (without a break) following grand final week (and play 12 weeks straight).

Team registrations are open. New or incoming teams have the option to play all 12 weeks when we return.

Team fees for new teams will be amended as required. Express your interest here.

Stafford Venue Roadmap. Kickit Touch Football

Roadmap: Social distancing model at Gibson Park.

Stafford teams will be required to stay in the warm up zones until the start of their match. Playing teams will set up on the outside sidelines of their field.


> Carseldine (Monday, July 27th) competition will re-start from week one after completing one round of fixtures prior to COVID-19. Standings and individual statistics will be voided.

Players and teams who participated in round one prior to the season being postponed, will not be charged.

Team registrations are open for Carseldine. Exisiting team captains will be notified of a start date the venue layout shortly. Express your interest here.


> Taringa (Sunday, August 9th) is scheduled for a start in late August. Team registrations are open to everyone willing to give Touch Football a go. Multi-team discounts are available. Express your interest here.


> The 2020 Representative Cup and 2020 LIVIN Charity Shield are scheduled for later in the year and will follow similar measures to ensure health and safety of all players involved.

> Toowoomba (Monday, late July).

All team captains all be contacted with a full list of measures and competition updates soon.

Roadmap: Get back to social sport!

Calling out to all past Kickit teams!

Numerous Rugby League competitions may of been cancelled, but that isn’t the end for 2020.

Play the closest social Touch Football to Rugby League and fall in love with Kickit.

Show your support and register a team – get back to touch football, get back to community sport!

We understand that everyone is doing it tough and will continue to slug it out long after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

This is why we will be putting a freeze on season fees over the winter and spring months.

Is cash an issue?
Don’t give up playing, just give up some of your time.

Be the ref | Roadmap to kick-off | Kickit Touch Football

Roadmap: Become a referee today!

We’ll be rolling out a referee incentive scheme aimed to help players work off their player fees over the course of the season.

Players may opt to just run the sideline or become an on-field referee with even more benefits.

Best of all, each and every referee gets paid for the games they ref.

Just keen for some fitness? We welcome any new referee or current player who would like to challenge themselves with the whistle in hand. Visit our referee sign-on.

We’re all in this together

You’ve heard the words ‘we’re all in this together’ echoed across screens for the last two months and perhaps it is most true right now.

As restrictions start to ease and the lives of many start to move forward, now more than ever we need maintain diligence and common sense when it comes to the health and safety of others.

The Queensland Government’s roadmap provides sensible and gradual steps to a COVID recovery that will reconnect our community but only if we do the right thing.

To fail here, we will regress on the easing of restrictions and stage 3 will be postponed.

While many things may happen between now and July 10th, we’re excited for what the future holds.

We hope you join us on the field when we return.

Stay up to date with all the information from our roadmap via our website.
Get your Kickit Touch Football fix with hundreds of videos on our social media channels! Facebook. Kickit Touch Football. Roadmap Instagram. Kickit Touch Football. RoadmapYoutube. Kickit Touch Football. Roadmap

Carseldine returns Monday, March 16th | Sign Up Now

Carseldine 2020
The fields at Carseldine are back in action For the first time since November 2018.

Boasting a multi-million dollar complex upgrade featuring three fields and state-of-the-arc LED lighting, the new fields are the perfect venue to play Kick It.

Last Saturday we graced the fields as part of the Carseldine Village Community open day.

Stafford was put up against Taringa in an exhibition match for all of the 600-strong people in attendance to see.

While Stafford ran away with a 13-5 victory, Kick It was the real winner on the day.
View highlights

Carseldine Community Day, Stafford vs Taringa

Team registrations are open to mens and mixed sides as we look to get the competition back to its former glory.

Carseldine season details:
Date: Monday, March 16th
Address: The Green, Carseldine (532 Beams Road)
Divisions: Mens & Mixed
Cost: $795 per team (10 week season)
Game Times: 6:30/7:20/8:10pm
Kick It Fields: two

Individual sign ups are welcome as we look to fill incoming teams before week one. Visit the Register now page for more details.

2018 Season

A magnificent final 12 months at Carseldine prior to the re-development yielded nine different champions and over 20 teams each season.

It was a year for P-Dub who made all four mens grand finals and came away with two victories.

P-Dub Carseldine

Long serving rivals Beer Pressure finished the year off on a high, defeating P-Dub 4-3 in the final.

For now, they lay claim to the reigning Carseldine mens champions.

Ballerz ruled the roost in the mixed competition, cashing in on two grand finals wins during Summer and Autumn seasons.

They fell to a hungry Nek Set outfit during Winter season after an unbelievable 12-10 win in extra time.

Balls Deep capped off a stellar 2018 with multiple division two mixed titles in Summer and Spring seasons to bookend the year. Larrikins and Hawaii Try-O joined in the fun over the cooler months.

History in photos
Summer | Autumn | Winter | Spring

We look forward to an amazing 2020 at Carseldine featuring plenty of outstanding footy. The venue will also play host to the 2020 Rep Tournament in September.

Kick your 2020 up a notch and register now!

NEW Stafford Monday and Wednesday Competitions!

Kick It Touch Football Stafford Monday Wednesday.
Gibson Park at Stafford is home to Kick It North Brisbane in 2019!
Experience the closest social touch footy to Rugby League with mens and mixed competitions on a Monday and Wednesday night.

The new venue replaces the fields at Carseldine with a re-development project well underway. The brand new green space at Carseldine will come back online at the end of 2019.

Wednesday night is a mens and mixed competition that kicked-off on January 23rd.
Registrations will remain open until February 20th.

Competition Details.
Venue: Gibson Park, Stafford.
Game times: 6:00/6:45/7:30/8:15pm.
Cost: $795 per team (10 week season). Team fees may be lessened for teams who enter the competition after week two.
Competition: Mens/mixed competitions available.
Notes: Toilet facilities are available. Footy boots are permitted.

Monday night is a mens and mixed competition that is set to kick-off on February 25th.
Registrations will remain open until March 18th.

Competition Details.
Venue: Gibson Park, Stafford.
Kick-off: February 25th.
Game times: 6:00/6:45/7:30/8:15pm.
Cost: $795 per team (10 week season). Team fees may be lessened for teams who enter the competition after week two.
Competition: Mens/mixed competitions available.
Notes: Toilet facilities are available. Footy boots are permitted.

To register your side, click here.
If you have any questions regarding the Stafford competition, please contact us.

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