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Maroons Prevail Over True Blues

2019 Kick It Origin Queensland Maroons.
The Kick It Queensland Maroons have triumphed in a thrilling Origin match on Wednesday night, but not for some late heroics from a hungry Blues outfit.
2019 Kick It Origin. Chloe Storm Try. Maroons.

Blues’ Chloe Storm try (36th minute).

Best and fairest Chloe Storm brought those in attendance to their feet in the final five minutes with an outstanding solo try to get within one point of the Maroons.

A plethora of errors and ruck infringements gifted the Blues great field position to ensure the grandstand finish.

Some stout goal line defence in a pressure-cooker environment helped the Maroons secure their fourth mixed Origin crown.

On paper the New South Wales Blues boasted their best line up to date with seven representative stars in their ranks.

Captain Isaac Parker and vice Shaun Tupou helped steer the side around the park and proved to be a crucial link to their quicker outside players.

Defence was the key and it showed in the opening 10 minutes with the Blues holding strong on their own goal line despite numerous repeat sets for the Maroons.

Blues’ communication could be heard from the far side of the field and on the Origin live steam as the team with nothing to lose put it to the reigning champions.

But as the saying goes, you can’t keep a champion (side) down for long.

Some rare space on the wing after an intense set of rucking produced the first try of the match. A ruck and split from Jess Sleep sent speedster Craig Hunt over in the corner after 12 minutes.

The frantic nature of the match calmed as both teams settled into their work. End to end footy saw a quick, free-flowing brand which was great to watch.

Two forced goal line drop outs a saw the Maroons starved of possession and camped on their own goal line.

An intercept from Chris Honnery gave his side a much-needed reprieve, but the joy was short lived.

On the next possession the Blues drove the ball back into Maroon’s territory before receiving a ruck penalty on the fifth touch.

Nicholas Edwards came pouring through a hole off the tap re-start only to have his grubber to Beau Hess knocked down by fullback Matt McIver. The Blues’ efforts were undone with a knock on to start the next set.

Some fresh subs and a heavy dose of rucking from Ben Burstow, Tammy Haydock and Eliza Mooney got the Maroons in good field possession. A penalty for slapping at the ball in the ruck, followed by a force goal line drop out turned the screws on New South Wales.

The Blue wall collapsed moments before halftime with a lovely worked sweep play from Craig Hunt to create an overlap for Toowoomba Rep star Kohen Mathiesen to pass to Matt McIver to score.

2019 Kick It Origin. New South Wales Blues vs Queensland Maroons.

A rejuvenated Blues side opened the scoring in the second half on their first possession via captain Isaac Parker who pounced on a grubber of his own.

As the game began to open up, a host of near-try opportunities occured. Nicholas Edwards had two cracks at the line followed by Shane Griffin and Corey Pocock.

Queensland had their own chances go begging with experienced rep player Brayden Barrett touching the sideline as he received a pass from Craig Hunt with the goal line open.

Jacob McMahon foiled a perfectly worked ruck and split from former teammates Jayden Turnbull and Jess Sleep.

2019 Kick It Origin. Jess Sleep Try. Maroons.

Queensland’s Jess Sleep scores (29th minute).

Kohen Mathiesen and Gerard Martin each had a chance as the possession swung once again.

A quick dummy half scoot from Chris Honnery who passed to Jess Sleep who stepped inside two would-be defenders, pushed the lead out to 4-1.

The Maroon’s three-point lead was short lived as Chloe Storm lit up the Origin highlight reel once again as the match hit fever pitch.

Queensland def New South Wales 4-3
Maroons: Craig Hunt, Matt McIver, Jess Sleep
Blues: Isaac Parker, Chloe
Player of the Match: Jess Sleep
Best and Fairest: Chloe Storm

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2018 State of Origin Highlights

State of Origin 2018.
The 2018 Kick It State of Origin match showcased some of the very best talent from across Brisbane and Toowoomba.

While played in some trying conditions, the skills were on show from both sides. Queensland continued its dominance since 2012 with a 9-4 victory over the Blues.

Queensland Maroons (9)

Tries: Tim Mitchell (2), Michael Bacon (2), Jayden Turnbull, Ben Burstow, Brayden, Jess.
Try Assists: Michael Bacon, Jayden Turnbull

New South Wales Blues (4)
Tries: Beau Hess (2), Chloe Storm.

2018 Trylights

State of Origin Logo.Team announcements
Queensland Maroons
New South Wales Blues

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Maroons Announce 2019 Kick It Origin Team!

The Queensland Maroons will feature six debutants for the must-win game on July 17th.

Toowoomba Titans representative star Kohen Mathiesen will join new Queensland vice captain Jasmin Lucas as two new faces in the Maroons from out west. They will form a lethal combo with Titans’ counterpart and 2018 Origin stud Ben Burstow.

Taringa’s reigning girls top try scorer Eliza Mooney will wear the Maroon for the first time and partner up with experienced pair Tammy Haydock and 2018 captain Jessica Sleep.

South Brisbane Tigers captain Chris Honnery will make his first appearance, while Stafford’s own Bill Chisholm and Craig Hunt round out an in-form trio.

Next-Gen Untouchables front man Matt McIver will captain Queensland for the first time after making his Origin debut back in 2013.

Speeder Brayden Barrett and 2018 MOTM Jayden Turnbull hold their spots.

Queensland will aim to keep their winning record in tact dating back to 2012.

The Blues’ team named earlier today boasts seven debutants and a host of 2018 star playmakers.

Kick It Queensland Maroons Team
1. Eliza Mooney (Kickaholics Anonymous.
2. Tammy Haydock (Next-Gen Untouchables.
3. Chris Honnery (Out Of Touch)
4. Brayden Barrett (Ballerz)
5. Bill Chisholm (P-Dub)
6. Jess Sleep (Ballerz)
7. Ben Burstow (Spartans)
8. Kohen Mathiesen (LTR)
9. Jayden Turnbull (Joeys)
10. Craig Hunt (Troopers)
11. Matt McIver (Next-Gen Untouchables)
12. Jasmin Lucas (LTR)

The 2019 Kick It State of Origin will take place at 7:00pm, Wednesday July 17th at Gibson Park Stafford.

Queensland History and Highlights

2018 Origin Highlights 
2018 Try Lights
2013 Origin Highlights

2012 Origin Highlights

Maroons Honour roll

Tammy Haydock (3)*
Aaron Fraser (2)
Anthony Martin (2)
Ben Burstow (2)*
Brayden Barrett (2)*
Katlin Q (2)
Jess Sleep (2)*
Matt McIver (2)*
Matt Crooks (2)
Jayden Turnbull (2)*
Jesse Bramwell (2)
Bec Rophia (1)
Bill Chisholm (1)*
Camilla Williams (1)
Chris Honnery (1)*
Chris White (1)
Christian Kereszteny (1)
Clint Wicks (1)
Craig Hunt (1)*
Curtis Milleskie (1)
Ellen Nussey (1)
Eliza Mooney (1)*
Jamie Thorburn (1)
Jasmin Lucas (1)*
Kelvin Northey (1)
Kohen Matheisen (1)*
Lachlan Stanton (1)
Lexine Webb (1)
Liam Bauer (1)
Michael Bacon (1)
Nick Gilliland (1)
Robbie Maller (1)
Russell Lockyer (1)
Steve Martin (1)
Tim Mitchell (1)
Xavier May (1)
Zac Caruana (1)

*Includes upcoming match
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Blues Finalise 2019 Kick It Origin Team!

Blues. 2019 Kick It State Of Origin. Blues.
The Blues have finalised their 2019 Origin side that will boast seven debutants in the must-win game on July 17th.

North Brisbane representative star Shaun Tupou will make his first appearance in Blue and will join Corey Pocock as the only two males from Stafford.

Taringa girls Tiffany Hodson and Emily Collison Bell will pair up with 2018 Origin hero Chloe Storm to form a formidable female trio.

Toowoomba duo Nicholas Edwards and new Blues captain Isaac Parker will team up with Beau Hess to lock down the middle third of the field.

Beau Jameson and Jacob McMahon round out the debutants. They will look to build on their chemistry forged during the LIVIN Charity Shield last month.

Joe Flannery who captained the Blues last year’s Origin match retains his leadership role as vice captain.

The mix of experience and youth will look to dismantle the Maroon’s eight year reign at the top.

The Queensland team will be named later this evening and will feature six new faces to the side which won last year.

2019 New South Wales Team
1. Nicholas Edwards (Scoring Tries)
2. Colby Altman (Cattledogs)
3. Shane Griffin (Larrikins)
4. Chloe Storm (Troopers)
5. Tiffany Hodson (Kickaholics Anonymous)
6. Jacob McMahon (Kickaholics Anonymous)
7. Beau Hess (Scoring Tries)
8. Beau Jameson (New Kicks On The Block)
9. Isaac Parker (c) (Spartans)
10. Corey Pocock (Joeys)
11. Emily Collison Bell (Kickaholics Anonymous)
12. Shaun Tupou (vc) (Troopers)

The 2019 Kick It State of Origin will take place at 7:00pm, Wednesday July 17th at Gibson Park Stafford.

Blues’ History and Highlights

2018 Origin Highlights 
2018 Trylights
2013 Origin Highlights

2012 Origin Highlights 

Blues’ Honour Roll

Isaac Mobbs (4)
Adam Redmond (3)
Alec McMaster (3)
Anthony Whittle (2)
Beau Hess (2)*
Chloe Storm (2)*
Corey Pocock (2)*
David Sercombe (2)
James Whiteman (2)
Renaee Roach (2)
Richard McMaster (2)
Nathan Wise (2)
Patrick Whittle (2)
Adam Spittle (1)
Beau Jameson (1)*
Ben Stevens (1)
Bryce Davis (1)
Charlie Sanderson (1)
Colby Altman (1)*
Dave Shaw (1)
Emma Toms (1)
Emily Collison Bell (1)*
Hayley Johnson (1)
Isaac Parker (1)*
Jacob McMahon (1)*
Joe Flannery (1)
Kosta Doueihi (1)
Leah Sanderson (1)
Lynan Scott (1)
Monika Wilkie (1)
Natalie George (1)
Nathan Dodds (1)
Nicholas Edwards (1)*
Shane Griffin (1)*
Shaun Tupou (1)*
Steve O’Keefe (1)
Sonya McCallister (1)
Tiffany Hodson*
Toby Burke (1)
*includes upcoming match

Maroons Win 2018 Origin

The Queensland Maroons have secured their third-straight mixed State of Origin win with a hard-fought 9-4 victory over the Blues on Wednesday.

In a match built on sportsmanship and pure skill, it did not disappoint in greasy conditions.

A spirited second half comeback from the Blues highlighted by a length of the field effort from Chloe Storm who pounced on a loose ball to beat three would-be Maroons defenders.

Toowoomba’s own Beau Hess closed the gap to within one just minutes later, jumping on the ball in the in-goal after a nifty short grubber.

The momentum was short lived with a penalty try awarded to Dugongs’ Tim Mitchell, before Michael Bacon followed suit with a neat kick and score.

Player of the match Jayden Turnbull extended the lead to four after splitting from dummy half on Blues’ winger Ben Stevens to send Brayden Barrett over in the corner.

The match was put beyond doubt with Maroons captain Jess Sleep crossing for two points courtesy of a stylish in-and-away from Michael Bacon to draw the edge defence.

Beau Hess crossed for a late consolation try.

The mixed Origin match was billed as a fast-paced showdown between two hungry sides and in the opening minutes it lived up to expectation.

Some rock solid defence and quick rucking saw a stalemate over the opening quarter.

The deadlock was broken with a sharp grubber to Tim Mitchell. Just three minutes later, Troopers’ Michael Bacon jumped on a fortunate ricochet to extend the lead to 2-0.

In wet conditions, Joeys’ own Jayden Turnbull scooped up a long-range kick to slide over the line.

The Maroons would coast into the halftime break 4-0 following a pin-point kick from Spartans’ Ben Burstow.

Queensland Maroons
Tries: Tim Mitchell (2), Michael Bacon (2), Jayden Turnbull, Ben Burstow, Brayden, Jess.
Try Assists: Michael Bacon, Jayden Turnbull

New South Wales Blues
Tries: Beau Hess (2), Chloe Storm. 

A big thanks to our match sponsors, LIVIN, Arrivederci Pizzera, Power Station Co., Intercept Co and Share Story.

We look forward to a bigger and better 2019 State of Origin series!

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