Charity + Cash Day Tournament | December 4th

For the very first time, we will combine two favourite events on the Kick It calendar –  the hugely popular Cash Day tournament and the Charity Shield event featuring LIVIN.

The cash prize event re-surfaces for the first time since 2017 where Taringa-studs Next-Gen Untouchables won the day.

The charity component of the event symbolises an important seven-year partnership with LIVIN and creating crucial awareness for mental health and depression.

Such is the nature of the event, a number of fantastic and charitable businesses have jumped on board to help out with the cash award and player/team prizes (see sponsors list below).


The Cash Tournament returns after an amazing streak of events dating back to 2010.

Past champions Young Guns, Swoop, Team Freaks, Muffin Stuffers and Pakas to name a few; live on in  infamously in Kick It History

Swoop, Young Guns, Cash Day

Swoop (blue) boast the best record in Kick It, dropping just one game over their five-year stretch, including winning the 2011 & 2012 cash day events.

Young Guns (purple) comprising of players from multiple gun sides, won four straight Cash day events including 2010, 11, 12 and 15. 

One of the best aspects of the tournament is that it attracts teams from all sports and all backgrounds.

Some of the most successful teams are those outside of Kick It.

Cash Day

Pakas dominated the mens group in the 2016 tournament at Carseldine, while their mixed side were runners up in the final.

Team Freaks (pictured right) defeated Pink Bits in one of the most competitive mixed finals in history.

The effort was even more remarkable given Pink Bits had gone through 2015 undefeated in four finals at Shaw Road.

LIVIN Charity Shield

Since 2015, Kick It Touch and LIVIN have teamed up to raise awareness for mental health with sporting events.

Through these appearances and with the help of all participants and sponsors, we are able to make a contribution using the event profits.

Over the last seven years, we have be fortunate enough to donation thousands of dollars towards the LIVEWell program aimed towards kids and young people.

Since the first tournament at Taringa, some outstanding winners have been crowned.

Kickaholics Anonymous, Woof, Zooper Doopers, Dodgers, The Misfits, Try Babies and Spartans to name a handful.

Many of these teams are present and past Kick It teams which is fantastic to see.

As with our past events, in 2021 we will make a sizeable contribution to LIVIN using the profits from the event. Thats reason to get involved!

LIVIN Charity Shield action shots
16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21

2021 Event Details

Date: Saturday, December 4th
Venue: Graceville Rugby League Club
Address: 247 Graceville Avenue
Time: 9am – 5pm (including finals)
Pools: Mens and Mixed (competitive & social)
Cost: $250 per team.
Prize: $1,500 prize for competitive mens and mixed winners. Sponsored prizes for social teams and competitive runners up (see below)

Cash Day Sponsors

A special thanks to our event sponsors and their contributions.

Well over $1000 in vouchers and prizes will be up for grabs during the event.

Many of these prizes will be focused towards the social pools, however competitive teams will also have the opportunity to take home some awesome sponsored prizes prizes.

We will continue with our LIVIN top try scorer and Lumber Punks try assist leaderboards during the pool rounds

In-game incentives and MVP awards will also have prizes attached.

Plus a number of fun activities such as a 20/10 competition, fastest man & woman race and crossbar challenge will take place with prizes to be won.

Team captains will be made aware of full allocation of prizes closer to kick-off.

Join us this December with the exciting and thrilling 2021 Charity + Cash Day Tournament.

This competition is open to everyone of all sporting and non-sporting backgrounds.

Best of all, using registration costs, we’ll make a contribution to LIVIN.

Sign up today! 
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