Ballerz, White Line Fever Dominate Carseldine Summer

Ballerz Carseldine Wednesday Champions Kick it Touch Football

Ballerz have re-claimed the Carseldine Wednesday mixed championship with a tough fought 4-1 win over Slappers on Wednesday night.

On the eve of the 2022 Rep Cup, Ballerz brought it all together to notch up their first mixed grand final win in 12 months.

Boasting a number of Rep players in Ben Hayes, Peter Yeoman, Jake Coolwell and the injured Jess Sleep, Ballerz’ turned the screws through their North Brisbane Sharks contingent.

Slappers made it their first grand final appearance since the start of 2021 with a comprehensive win over Troopers in the finals.

Not without their own representative stars, the pink shirts looked dangerous when in the hands of Eliza Mooney, Dan Ebert and Jason West.

An early try to former Logan Panther, Kelvin Northey helped Slappers get on the board first.

True to form, a tough tussle through the middle ensured with plenty of direct rucking and chances on the edges.

It took almost 15 minutes to break the stalemate, however that came off the boot of Peter Yeoman.

With the scores locked up at halftime, the match was poised to be an instant classic.

As fatigue crept in and points were at a premium, defensive efforts were stepped up by both teams with try savers on the goal line.

In the thirty-first minute, Ben Hayes capitalised on a quick ruck set to grubber through to score from 20m out.

The chances went begging for Slappers following with line breaks from Kelvin Northey and Chloe Storm, while dummy half scoots from Matt Allen and Eliza Mooney also created opportunities.

The Ballerz’ scrambling defence held. In the dying stages, a late line break from Jake Coolwell provided a chance for Casey Wessling to pounce on a grubber kick to score the try of the game.

Well done Ballerz on claiming their sixth mixed grand final victory.

Ballerz: Peter Yeoman, Ben Hayes, Casey Wessling | Assist – Jake Coolwell
Slappers: Kelvin Northey
Player of the match: Casey Wessling
Best and Fairest: Kelvin Northey

White Line Fever Carseldine Wednesday Champions Kick it Touch Football

As far as debut seasons go, White Line Fever couldn’t have asked for a better start with a victory over LGMs in the mens grand final.

One the back of an undefeated season, White Line Fever bulldozed through Joeys in the semi finals, only to back up their performance in the final a week later.

Between Joeys and LGMs, there is 10 grand final wins of experience, but this was all in vane against the speed and skill of the Fever boys.

Lead by captain Lachie Carmichael, White Line Fever put on 10 tries in a dominating 40-minute display.

Most notably, Fever kept mens leading try scorer and North Brisbane Shark star Jesse Ripley quiet throughout the match.

For LGMs, Corey McNally was the main-man with two tries, while Sharks’ and Australian Allstar Dean Saxvik chipped in with one.

Captain Jackson Paton was strong as a middle defender however it was on the edges they were picked apart.

Carmichael was the puppeteer however with four try assists and one try to boot.

Speedster Ben (red) crossed for two following an impressive debut season with 10 tries through the fixture rounds, while Kye and Tori equated for three tries and three assists between them.

Jordan and Ben crossed for the remaining three tries, two of which were long passes from the middle.

Well done to White Line Fever on their debut season grand final victory

White Line Fever: Ben (2), Kye (2), Ben (2), Jordan, Lachie, Tori | Assist – Lachie (4), Tori (2), Ben
LGMs: Corey (2), Dean | Assist – Jackson.
Player of the match: Lachie Carmichael
Best and fairest: Corey McNally

Well done to our mens and mixed try and try assist leaders for Carseldine summer season!

Womens Try Leader Carseldine Wednesday Champions Kick it Touch Football Mixed Try Leader Carseldine Wednesday Champions Kick it Touch Football Mens Try Leader Carseldine Wednesday Champions Kick it Touch Football Try Assist Leader Carseldine Wednesday Champions Kick it Touch Football

Next season will kick-off Wednesday, May 25th (weather permitting).
Mens and mixed team spots available. Visit our Carseldine Wednesday venue page for more information.
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