Taringa Spring: Kick It Or Die Tryin, Next-Gen Untouchables Triumph!

Kick It Or Die Tryin’ have taken out the Taringa Spring Division Two mixed competition with a heart-stopping 4-3 victory over New Kicks On The Block.

In their maiden season, the newcomers were aided by some brilliant performances from captain Anthony Barsha and William Read.

It didn’t take long for Kick It Or Die Tryin’ to post their first points and overcome an experienced New Kicks side boasting a handful of representative players.

Two outstanding sets in attack were capped off by an Anthony Barsha line break and grubber to account for his side’s first points within the opening three minutes.

Will Read stamped home an emphatic start to the match by pouncing on a short kick from Tom Rochee to give his team a 2-0 lead.

New Kicks forced their way back into the game after a multitude of repeat sets.

Tigers Rep players Liam Sue and Ben Stevens crossed in quick succession to keep the scores locked up at halftime.

An enthusiastic Kick It or Die Tryin’ side marched onto the field and were rewarded immediately through their captain who crossed for his second.

Barsha’s squad struggled to hold onto the momentum with New Kicks dominating possession from then on in.

New Kicks On The Block vs Kick It Or Die Tryin

The team in black forced six repeat sets on their opposition goal line only to come up empty.

Near misses by John Kerr, Joel Pham and Liam Sue kept their side scoreless in the second half.

Kick It Or Die Trying sealed the win with a late try to Sam Fellows.

Well done on the division 2 victory in your first season!

KickIt Or Die Tryin’: Anthony Barsha (2), William Read, Sam Fellows.
New Kicks On The Block: Liam Sue (2), Ben Stevens.
Player of the Match: Anthony Barsha.

Next-Gen Untouchables have recaptured the division 1 mixed title after defeating Kickaholics Anonymous 4-3 in a tight final.

With the division 1 crown not in their possession for the first time since the end of 2016, the machine in green had it all to prove against the reigning champions.

The match did not disappoint.

Kickaholics skipped away to an early lead off the boot of Isaac Toohey. He would repeat his effort following a mountain of possession, minutes later to push his side out to a 2-0 lead.

Player of the match Gerard Martin responded, jumping on a short kick to give Untouchables their first points with their first set inside their opponents 10.

His absence together with Matt McIver in last season’s grand final was sorely missed and was the difference early on.

McIver’s boot would help tie the scores with Anthony Martin picking up the scraps on a short grubber into the in-goal.

The game opened up in the dying stages of the first half with either team failing to capitalise. It was a stark contrast to the opening 15 minutes which was played through the middle third and built on defence.

The comparisons from the first half were on show at the start of the second as both teams produced a heavy dose of rucking.

As the middle third of the field copped a battering, territory was not an issue.

It took six sets until Gerard Martin broke the deadlock with a grubber inside the 10 to catch Kickaholics’ defence napping.

As was the theme for the second half, Kickaholics capitalised on a Next-Gen defensive mistake.

On one of the lone times Untouchables failed to play a fullback, Isaac Toohey made them pay with a short grubber to Trent Gossner to bring the scores level.

A series of frantic end-to-end sets ensued as the game clock ticked to within three minutes.

With fatigue on the faces of the players, it was Gerard Martin who came up with the goods to send Lincoln Redgen over with an inside ball to beat a staggered defensive line.

A late opportunity to Kickaholics captain David Sercombe was thwarted by the Untouchables’ main man as Next-Gen returned to the top of the mountain when the clock struck zero.

Well done Next-Gen Untouchables on a fantastic 4-3 division one win.

Next-Gen: Gerard Martin (2), Anthony Martin, Lincoln Redgen.
Kickaholics: Isaac Toohey (2), Trent Gossner.
Player of the Match: Gerard Martin.
Kickaholics Anonymous vs Untouchables. Kick It Division 1

Individual leaderboards

LIVIN top try scorers
Mixed Guys – Lindsay Blair (14), Jacob Sorbello (14)
Mixed Girls – Eliza Mooney (8)

Range Brewing try assist champions
Division 1 – Dave Johnson (10)
Division 2 – John Kerr (14)

GYG Indooroopilly/Toowong 40/20s
Hemi Mullen (Kick It Or Die Tryin’)
John Kerr (New Kicks On The Block)
Corey Smith (Slap Happy)

A special thanks to all our venue sponsors, players and teams. 
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