Representative Teams Announced (UPDATED)

The 2018 Representative tournament will take place at Jack Cook Memorial Park, Taringa and will feature some of the best players across Kick It.

The event will be the third since 2012 and will touch on some of the unique qualities at Kick It including the inaugural 40/20 knock-out competition and the fastest man/woman in Kick It race.

Reigning champions the Toowoomba Titans will be looking to repeat their 2017 efforts by taking out both mens and mixed tournaments. They will face some stiff competition with a rejuventated North Brisbane Sharks and South Brisbane Tigers side. The newcomers Toowoomba Storm will put their cross-town rivarly to the test as they face big brother on the day.

North Brisbane Sharks Mens
1. Jake Coolwell (The Ballerz)
2. Billy Chisholm (P-Dub)
3. Jarrod Clayton (P-Dub)
4. Joe Warren (vc) (P-Dub)
5. Shaun O’Keefe (Beer Pressure)
6. Sam Turnbull (Joeys)
7. Will O’Keefe (Beer Pressure)
8. Jack Woodbridge (P-Dub)
9. Jayden Turnbull © (Joeys)
10. Corey Pocock (Hawaii Try-O)
11. Jai Lockrey (Balls Of Fury)

North Brisbane Sharks Mixed
1. David Cumming(Balls Of Fury)
2. Sean Yorston (Norfolk n Chance)
3. Brayden Barrett (The Ballerz)
4. Chloe Storm (Nek Set)
5. Tarni Stabe (The Ballerz)
6. Stephen Gill (Mother Ruckers)
7. Tahlia Dickinson (Scrambled Legs)
8. James Arundel (Nek Set)
9. Nick Gilliland (Mother Ruckers)
10. Jessica Sleep (The Ballerz)
11. Josh Pilks (Nek Set)
12. Caleb Holland (Troopers)
13. Clint Wicks (Troopers)

South-West Brisbane Tigers Mens
1. Corey Smith (venue manager)
2. Kieran Woltmann (Next-Gen Untouchables)
3. Darcy Coleman (Next-Gen Untouchables)
4. Ryan Mason-Cox (Burners)
5. Lucas Tomoana (Burners)
6. Harry Elms (Dugongs)
7. Antony Tatkovic (Rampage)
8. Gerard Martin (Next-Gen Untouchables)
9. Luke Dudgell (Next-Gen Untouchables)
10. Aaron Tomoana (vc) (Burners)
11. Matt McIver © (Next-Gen Untouchables)

South-West Brisbane Mixed
1. Jack Duff (New Kicks On The Block)
2. Tammy Haydock (vc) (Next-Gen Untouchables)
3. Chris Honnery (c) (Out Of Touch)
4. Annaleis Tatkovic (Rampage)
5. Liam Sue (New Kicks On The Block)
6. Geoff Irish (Cattledogs)
7. Tom Primmer (Rampage)
8. Mikaela Bretz (Rampage)
9. David Sercombe (Kickaholics Anonymous)
10. Natalie Honnery (Out Of Touch)
11. Funsho O’shah Coleman Olaleye (Rampage)
12. Beau Jamieson (Free Ballin)
13. Trent Gossner (Hot Steppers)

Toowoomba Titans Mens

Ben Burstow (c) (Spartans)
Jono Graf (vc) (Transformers)
Beau Hess (LTR)
Nicholas Edwards (LTR)
Bronson Burstow (Spartans)
Fletcher Burstow (Spartans)
Isaac Parker (Spartans)
Locky Stephen (Red Hot Chilli Steppers)
Zac Lever (Transformers)
Chris Chan (Spartans)
Luke Southwell (Misfits)
Toowoomba Titans Mixed
Jasmin Lucas  (c) (LTR)
Jamie Thorburn (vc) (LTR)
Kohen Mathieson (LTR)
Kevin Platz (LTR)
Will O’Gradey (LTR)
Adam Langton (Builders)
Kirby Brown (Builders)
Keeley McCullough (Builders)
Reegan McCarthy (LTR)
Ben Langton (LTR)
Maddison McCarthy (Builders)

Toowoomba Storm Mens

Nathan Harvey (c) (Red Hot Chilli Steppers)
Martin Baldo (vc) (A-Team)
Mark Harrison (CC’s)
Rohan Stepson (Red Hot Chilli Steppers)
Grant Sommers (Transformers)
Kahlem Reardon (Touchy Feely)
Robert Halliday (Team Phresh)
Mark Jambunathan (Red Hot Chilli Steppers)
Anthony Savaro (Odd Ballerz)
Josh Brunner (Red Hot Chilli Steppers)
Toowoomba Storm Mixed
Jason Stoddart (c) (Spartans)
Angus Mathieson (vc) (Spartans)
Bethany Sands (Spartans)
Danny Falknau (Misfits)
Liam Weeding (Misfits)
Sam Hohn (Misfits)
Peter McCullough (Misfits)
Racheal Parker (Misfits)
Rahnee Buckley (Lions)
Zac Bruggermann (Invictus FC)
Steve Bruggermann (Lions)
Samantha Chapman (Spartans)

Join us for the 2018 Kick It Touch Representative Tournament on Saturday, September 29th at Taringa.
For even details, visit the representative tournament page.


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